We are recruiting for developers across our full stack.

We are looking for developers at various levels of experience, to cover a range of role across the full lifecycle of our software and services.

You will work within a cross-fucntional team to learn your way into a new role, and help shape the future of products at Gavurin.

Depending on your interests, skills and experience, some degree of specialisation is expected, but this role may involve:

– Working at all stages of of the development lifecycle, from initial planning and requirements discussions, development, testing, deployment, and operational support.
– Working across the full technical stack, from including design activties, web development, backend applications, database engineering, build and test automation and working with virtual/cloud infrastructure.
– Communicating ideas, designs, feedback, outcomes and recommendations to both technical and business audiences.
– Maintaining awareness of the wider technical landscape to enable sharing and advocating of relevant oppertunities to advance the business.

What we’re looking for:

– The successful candidate will have a passion for finding solutions to technical and businesses problems, taking initiative to consult colleagues, seek out additional information and/or conduct reserach as required.
– Strong communication skills, including a high standard of spoken and written English, and the ability to explain complex subject matter to a range of audiences are vital.
– Committing to continuous learning of new tools and techniques will be an essential part of the role, but knowledge of at least some of the following technologies will be required as a starting point:
Web & Object-Oriented programming (e.g. C#/ASP.NET), SQL, R, test automation tools (e.g. Selenium, NUnit, JMeter, ZAP), HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Typescript, Spatial data, Networking Protocols (e.g. HTTP, TCP, FTP, TLS)
– We recognise that not everyone can do everything, and typically people will specialise, but you are expected to step outside your comfort zone when required.
– Being able to understand and adhere to (and at times challenge) designs, standards and business processes is critical to a role of this breadth.