Company Benefits

We think pensions are really important and our pension scheme reflects that.

Often, saving for retirement can seem a distant and difficult thing to do but, according to a recent report by the International Longevity Centre-UK, young workers in the UK will need to put away 18 per cent of their earnings each year to have an adequate retirement income — a higher proportion of their earnings than their counterparts in any other OECD country.

At Gavurin, we’d like to help you get close to that 18%.

So, we’ll match your own contributions up to 9% of your salary. We’ve always been ahead of the game on pensions and we’re going to stay that way.

Holidays are key to a balanced and productive life. You’ll start with 25 days (plus Bank Holidays) and that entitlement will build up to 30 days.

In addition, you can also ‘buy’ up to 3 additional days’ leave – useful for that extra special event. This applies after 2 years’ service and you can spread the cost of your ‘purchase’ over the leave year.

We think family is really important.  If you’re a parent and your child gets ill we don’t expect you to worry about how your son or daughter will be cared for.

You can take time to look after your sick child – as if it was you who was sick.

If your child has another parent, we think it only fair to ask them to share the responsibility but the essential point is that we don’t want you to worry if your child is ill.

We’re as flexible as we expect you to be. For example, if you have a doctor’s appointment or a dental check-up or your optician has called you in for your regular eye check – then we don’t expect you to take holiday for that.

If we’re out as a team having fun then we want you to have fun without worrying about how much it’s costing you. Generally, you can always expect us to pick up the tab.