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Prince’s Trust: Embracing data

Prince’s Trust: Embracing data

What do Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba, Jamie Oliver, Lulu and Stephen Fry have in common? They are The Prince’s Trust Ambassadors. With the help of people like this, the Trust has become the UK’s leading youth charity, offering a range of opportunities including training, personal development, business start-up support, mentoring and advice. The Prince’s Trust support 13 to 30 year olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.

The Challenge

The Prince’s Trust’s original objective was to better understand the communities in which it worked, to better develop Trust programmes and better communicate with local stakeholders. Using data from the Gavurin data warehouse began to raise questions about The Prince’s Trust’s activity. For example, Gavurin data showed how many young people resided in a place, and how many were unemployed.

But, the Trust could not easily see what proportion of those young people they were working with – their market penetration. So, The Prince’s Trust asked Gavurin to assist in building a more detailed understanding of the Trust’s impact within communities, by managing and enhancing both the vast database of young people it worked together with its database of many thousands of volunteers.

The Solution

Working with the Trust, Gavurin developed and launched a bespoke implementation of Gavurin Analytics, powered by Gavurin and Prince’s Trust data. In addition, Trust users were given access to Gavurin Reporting, to enable easy and effective communication of their insights.

By improving a number of core activities through better use of data, The Trust is able to plan its programmes and its distribution by matching its own data with that from the Gavurin data warehouse.

The Trust now measures programme penetration – the proportion of young people generally and young job seekers especially that The Trust is supporting. It is also much better at managing its volunteer network as it enjoys greater clarity about where they are relative to the young people the Trust works with and has a real insight into their demography.

The Prince’s Trust has found itself using Gavurin Reporting extensively. When a Trust representative meets with a funding body, they present an analysis of the local area to inform the discussion and any bid in preparation. Gavurin Analytics allows The Prince’s Trust Press Office to respond to journalists’ questions in minutes rather than hours and to create regular columns for local newspapers easily.

Gavurin’s Analytics and Reporting capability is truly embedded in The Prince’s Trust and is changing the culture of the organisation, making it more data friendly and better validated. All of this has been achieved in under 12 months, making it one of the speediest technology implementations in The Prince’s Trust history.

The Benefits

Operational Improvements: The Trust’s people are more confident and skilled in working with data and analytics. They make better decisions which drives better outcomes.

Measurement of Impact: Clear and well understood metrics are used throughout the Trust to plan, execute, communicate and evaluate work, both internally and externally.

Better Outcomes for Young People: 45,672 young people were helped into work in 2015/16 – one of the Trust’s best ever results, visible in a nationwide trend.

Increased Fundraising: The Trust raised a record-breaking £70m in 2015/16 – in part due to their ability to measure and present its impact to corporate donors.

In their own words:

"Gavurin is transforming the way we work. We use Gavurin Analytics and Gavurin Reporting in our business planning; it informs our funding proposals; it enables us to measure our local and national effectiveness; it offers a ‘view’ of our own data that we have not seen before – telling us things we didn’t know. Importantly, Gavurin is beginning to make The Prince’s Trust more data friendly – we see the beginning of real culture change. In summary, Gavurin is helping us to work better with young people and more of them, helping us to make more of a difference."

Dermot Finch, Director South of England, The Prince’s Trust