Case Study:

Dun and Bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet

Gavurin is a Strategic Partner of Dun & Bradstreet. Gavurin supports D&B across two main activities:

Macro Market Insight (MMI)

D&B’s MMI team is located in the UK and globally. It produces economic analysis in report form on 132 countries. Before Gavurin reporting, all reports were produced by analysts using data held in spreadsheets on their own computer, written in various formats and submitted to an editor in the UK before being finally published in a number of formats.

Gavurin now hosts all MMI data. Economists compose analysis within Gavurin Analytics and a combination of Gavurin Reporting and Gavurin Workflow enables the editing and publishing of reports in a controlled environment. Benefits for D&B include:

  1. A comprehensive audit trail so that analysis is now intimately linked to the data from which it is derived
  2. The easy maintenance of an up to date database of MMI macro data
  3. The ability to monitor the performance of analysts globally
  4. The creation of ‘write once, use many times’ content across multiple countries and products
  5. The ability to create more report based products, more often.

This transformation of D&B Macro Market Insight business involved a significant degree of agile development and a massive cultural shift within D&B.

All of this was completed within 12 months – something of a record for the introduction of both a major technology change and its use.

Supply Chain Solutions

Working with D&B, Gavurin has developed a range of risk based solutions to support the analysis of global supply chains for a number of customers.

The blending of customer data with D&B data and with macro-economic data is a powerful solution to the increasingly important issue of mitigating supply chain risk.

In their own words:

"D&B formed a strategic partnership with Gavurin in 2011 to develop an internal production environment to run our Global Country Insight Services. Our team located around the world is now using Gavurin to run report production across 130+ markets globally. We’ve been delighted at the results and benefits seen to date. We have since extended our partnership by appointing Gavurin as our main service provider for Supply Chain Solutions through the use of Gavurin Analytics with some of our largest customers benefiting from this service. We continuously rely on the trusted team at Gavurin, not only as a technology provider but more importantly as a data intelligence and thought leadership partner to continue to evolve our product roadmap and deliver value to our customers."

Eva Karagianni, Director Global Macro Market Insight Services, Dun & Bradstreet