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Gavurin is the global analytics and visualisation partner for HealRWorld. Gavurin supports HealRWorld in providing businesses with informed decisions on Sustainability.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is based on the idea that everything we need to survive on planet Earth comes directly or indirectly from nature.

Sustainability in the 21st century creates the conditions to maintain a healthy balance between human needs and the natural environment, for the benefit of present and future generations.

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) recognize that a sustainability strategy can add value, a competitive edge and improve financial performance. But they may lack the knowledge, resources and support services to move forward with a sustainability plan for their business.

People, planet and profit

The most powerful benefit HealRWorld has seen from its research with D&B is that sustainable business practice is “good for business” AND the planet/people.

The sustainable SMEs businesses analysed in the US database significantly outperformed their peers credit wise. The benefit is procuring better financing terms, and a greater flow of capital to these companies.

The HealRWorld database of global sustainable businesses demonstrates the growing number of companies committed to at least one area of sustainability, and includes not only the Global 5000, but also small, mid-sized and micro-businesses.

Nielsen’s 2014 Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, indicates that, “55% of global online consumers across sixty countries are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.”

Sustainability monitoring in practice?

A sustainable supply chain creates long-term value through socially and environmentally conscious practices that offer significant competitive advantages.

Sustainability is important to SMEs not only to meet the demands of investors, suppliers and customers, but also to improve financial results. Innovation and the strength of a supplier network can fuel long-term value for a business and its customers.

Understanding your sustainable supply chain

HealRWorld is working with the team at Gavurin to create Sustainability solutions for business.

Gavurin’s innovative, powerful technology enables business to interrogate data more deeply, more insightfully than others, giving them a critical edge.

The strength of this approach is it allows a company to organise dense data into manageable categories and dimensions, making real insight readily accessible.

Together working with Gavurin, HealRWorld is able to offer business a remarkable competitive advantage, to better understand their sustainable supply chain.

HealRWorld’s research shows that environmentally conscious businesses are associated with the highest assurance ranking (category 5), leading to better credit and finance opportunities.

Working with Gavurin they are able to show the areas where companies are following sustainable practices under the categories Economic, Corporate Governance, Social, & Environmental.

For example, in the businesses analysed in the HealRWorld US database, sustainable SMEs significantly outperformed their peers credit-wise. The HealRWorld data also reveals that Mexico has the most diverse spread of sustainable companies across all sectors and, in Japan, SMEs that employ up to 50 employees are highly environmentally-conscious.

In their own words:

"Our data is complex, global and growing daily. Working with Gavurin, it became clear very quickly that this is a company that is very partner oriented and all about servicing their clients. It was also very evident from the outset that they really understand data. Their advice on how we might structure our data to get value from it was so powerful – and this from people who, in the beginning, didn’t know our business. It’s been a revelation to see how the Gavurin team, simply by looking at our data, has been able to offer sound business advice to us. And Gavurin Analytics software! Wow! That’s really the icing on the cake."

Michele Bongiovanni, CEO, HealRWorld