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Big Innovation Centre: mapping the innovation landscape?

Big Innovation Centre: mapping the innovation landscape?

At A Glance

  • Big Innovation Centre (BIC) was launched in September 2011
  • BIC exists to build a global innovation and investment hub by 2025
  • BIC promotes growth through enhancing the flow of finance to innovative growth companies
  • Its goal is to make businesses more purposeful and inclusive through the enormous potential of technology, creativity and innovation

The Challenge

The Big Innovation Map sprang from the work BIC did with the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) to develop innovation diagnostic tools – one of which was a survey to enable entrepreneurs and organisations to assess innovation readiness and potential. The survey would deliver analysis of the survey results to the respondent and aggregate results to be mapped to show the UK’s innovation landscape.

Gavurin worked with BIC to deliver an online survey which had to be innovatively implemented to be consistent with its subject matter, as well as a survey results interface that was itself innovatively designed. Finally, Gavurin Analytics and Reporting would be required to show aggregated results across the UK

The Solution

Working closely with the team at BIC, Gavurin Consulting developed a clear brief using its proven user story methodology. From there, the development team worked on the key components of the brief – online questionnaire, data-sets and mapping, data analytics and report production (on-demand and bespoke).

Gavurin built an online survey based on BIC’s proprietary innovation framework to gather data from respondents. Each survey respondent is able to see and analyse their innovation capacity through their Innovation Profile. The survey takes around fifteen minutes to complete, and the results are gathered into three groups: Commercial Framework, Organisational Context and Ecosystem Leverage. The respondent is then given an analysis of their results including bespoke advice on how to improve their organisation’s innovation capacity.

A powerful innovation dataset was thus generated from the audit. Additionally, for larger organisations, the survey harnesses the views of each person in the organisation – whether public, private, big or small – to reveal innovation capacity differences within an organisation.

Gavurin gathered, structured and processed the data to make it usable in various applications such as custom ‘Innovation Reports’ for individual organisations and interactive Gavurin Analytics dashboards, which map innovation in a wider context across the UK.

The Big Innovation Map looks beyond traditional science, technology, product or service innovation to focus on organisations’ innovative capacity across the entire spectrum of business functions.

The Benefits

Innovation Dataset. A unique and bespoke dataset produced to leverage the objectives and requirements set by BIC.

Efficient Interactivity: Robust user experience enabled an efficient interactive system to deliver fast results.

Slick Interface: Due to the professional yet simple interface, users were more likely to complete the survey.


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In their own words:

"We knew the team at Gavurin would bring a wealth of expertise around data analytics to the party but what really impressed us was their ability to assemble all the expertise required to develop the survey, configure it for online completion and manage the complex back end analytics and reporting requirements."

Birgitte Andersen, Chief Executive, Big Innovation Centre