Case Study:

ART Health Solutions: Data Automation, Processing and Reporting

ART Health Solutions: Data Automation, Processing and Reporting

At A Glance

ART Health Solutions is a North East based company who help organisations improve employee well-being and performance through data-driven workplace insights.

The ART team utilises cutting edge Internet of Things technology to generate real-time environmental, physical and mental health data, which is then analysed and turned into recommendations.

The Challenge

ART is a growing business with ambitious plans for the future. As part of an internal review, the management team identified data processing and analysis as an area to focus on. The manual nature of these tasks was already creating day-to-day bottlenecks in the operating model, raising concerns around the scalability of the business.

As a result, ART wanted a partner to help them deliver process efficiency in the collection and analysis of data, through the development of a web-based data management and analytics platform. This data automation was to increase the productivity of ART’s team of analysts, and enable them to support the future expansion and development of the business proposition.

The solution needed to bring together data feeds from personal and environmental sensors, interactive applications and manual fieldwork, and provide a holistic picture of the relationships between people, environment and performance.

The Solution

Gavurin recognised the need for a highly consultative approach. A design sprint brought key stakeholders from both client and supplier together, creating a shared understanding of the problem to solve. Critically, it provided an opportunity for all parties to input into the design of the solution.

The Gavurin team understood which aspects of the solution would be most impactful to the analysts. As a result, Gavurin could deliver an early version of the solution to bring about immediate benefits while the rest of the solution was developed.

The solution offers deep insights into the health and performance of individuals, and ART was acutely aware of the need to maintain the privacy of the individuals they work with. Gavurin’s expertise in this area allowed for the design of a solution that could balance the requirement for information with compliance and ethical considerations.

The system we developed is now the technical centrepiece in the proposition, which is scaling up, and looks set to expand further to take advantage of the additional opportunities the consultation process has uncovered.


The system delivers several key benefits including:

  • Efficiency. Primarily, the tool allows ART to operate much more efficiently, reducing the resource needed to process data. For example, prior to the data automation work being completed, just one of the data streams may have taken up to 4 hours to reconcile and analyse.
  • Flexibility. The new system reduces resource expense down to a click of a button, freeing up staff to be deployed elsewhere. In doing so, the extra available resource increases the ability to scale the business proposition in a more exponential fashion.
  • Quality and consistency. The system reduces the impact of manual processing errors which could potentially lead to data misinterpretation and invalid insights being derived.

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In their own words:

"The team at Gavurin have been a pleasure to work with from end to end on this highly-bespoke project. From our initial meetings scoping out the project, through to the delivery of the product, Gavurin have exuded professionalism and high levels of knowledge and skill. The expertise Gavurin provided around data security and privacy provided us with further confidence that we made the right choice in awarding them our business and we fully anticipate developing our product further with their help across the coming months and years."

Phill Bell – Operations Director, ART Health Solutions