Gavurin was founded in 2007 but its origins can be traced to a ground-breaking piece of economics research that began at Newcastle University in the 1990’s. It was here that we decided to be different economists and, instead of building an economic model, we used micro data.

Gavurin understands the big world of data can be a daunting place and that’s why we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. We’ve built the understanding, experience and expertise necessary to conceive our technology – Gavurin Analytics and Gavurin Reporting – so that our clients can focus on the data insights rather than time consuming data analysis.

Today, we are a multi-national team based in the UK, serving worldwide clients from offices in London and Newcastle. We’ve stayed true to our original history, continuing to work innovatively, dynamically, and with a concern for delivering service to our customers so that they can create change.

By utilising your data more effectively, you can begin to make better business decisions. Take the first step and get in touch today – we’d love to help.