Gavurin is continually proven to be a global industry leader for its cutting edge data visualisation capabilities, trusted data expertise and lightning fast reporting solutions.

Gavurin Channel Strategy

Gavurin successfully operates a dual channel strategy: Direct and Value Added Partner (VAP) for Gavurin Analytics™ and Gavurin Reporting™.

Our Value Added Partners (VAPs) are responsible for directly sourcing, supporting, growing and managing the customer relationship.

The role of a VAP varies considerably, depending upon the sector and nature of the client’s specific business requirement.

Typically, a Gavurin ‘Partner’ will provide far more than just an introduction to a specific client or sector. Added Value may be demonstrated through access to ‘knowledge bases’, ‘data sets’ or in-depth understanding of ‘a client business’ in the form of consultancy and intellectual property.

Consequently, Gavurin’s commercial model with each of its VAPs is directly linked to the level of ‘Added Value’ when delivering an individual customer solution.

If you would like to discuss a specific opportunity or are interested in becoming a Gavurin VAP please call us on +44 191 500 9558 or email us.

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