It’s data, but not as you know it

We unravel complexity. We organise dense data into manageable categories and dimensions. We make real insight readily accessible. With our lightning fast reporting and the highest levels of data compliance, your business strategies will be better informed than ever before.

What you get working with Gavurin

Analytical expertise

icon-chart-blue We are able to survey your data and imagine three things. First, the value it can deliver to your business. Second, how it must be transformed to realise value. Third, the way your data might be blended with ours to leverage even more value.

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icon-brain-blue ‘Imagining’ your data is only the beginning. We make your data accessible to you so that you can build competitive advantage from it. Gavurin Analytics enables decision makers to make better decisions from their data.

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icon-globe-blue Our data warehouse is BIG. Its data is pre-structured, geocoded, tested. We provide instant access to the world’s largest repository of country and sub-national boundaries – usable with any data in Gavurin Analytics.

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We’re data obsessive

Benefit from our analytical expertise.

We’re a team of mathematicians, data scientists, economists and business people. We have the ability to scrutinise data and then think creatively about its relationship to organisational and economic issues. We can do that because of the broad spread of our backgrounds and because we’ve done it ourselves – creating ground-breaking, data-intensive projects.

Intuitive data visualisation and mapping

We make data accessible to all who need it to make better decisions.

Gavurin Analytics delivers informed insight and lightning fast reporting so that greater competitive advantage is within your reach. Gavurin Analytics comes with state-of-the-art concern for data governance and security. Our SaaS solution means it’s accessible anywhere, any time. “ … for such a complex bit of kit it (Gavurin technology) is remarkably intuitive. We were able to pick it up and play with it straight away, rarely having to resort to the help files”.

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Here’s how we do it:

We work with you to understand your business

We appreciate your challenges and your opportunities

We identify how data can add value to your business

We identify how third party data will add value to yours

We identify how Gavurin Analytics will reveal the insights from data

We empower your teams to reach better data-based decisions and to communicate them more effectively and efficently than ever before

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