Thinking Business Analysis

There’s an Institute of Business Analysis.  I know that along with respectability comes some kind of ‘Institute’ but finding this one was a bit of a surprise.

I was taken further back when I read that it was in Whitby – but then paused when I saw that this was Whitby Ontario. Curiosity drove me to discover that the Canadian Whitby is named after the Yorkshire one, its similarly on the coast with around the same number of people living there.  Probably the only difference therefore is that one houses the heartbeat of business analysis and the other doesn’t.

Working as we do with large corporations, we stumble regularly over job roles that broadly fall under the heading of ‘business analysis’ and we’ve learned to distinguish the good from the less good.  We (that is Gavurin) are not a large corporation – so a business analyst here has fundamentally to steer a course between the aching desire of those who work for us (in a small, agile business) to steer as far as possible from big company systems and the expectation that our customers have that we will have them!

All of this is a a long winded way of saying that we’re looking for a business analyst!  Someone that can work with our customers to build complex, data led solutions to their business analysis issues and turn them into requirements that we fulfill effectively and efficiently.  We’ve built a job description and job specification – and it’s here.


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